Fix Your Liver With This Lemon And Olive Oil Juice

Liver is something you need to detoxify in order to stay healthy. It is a very important organ that that filters toxins so from time to time it needs cleansing so it can stay healthy and its well-being is reflected with a good overall health, bright skin and good mood,
Even though balanced diet will improve the condition of your liver and all other organs, there are fruit and vegetable smoothies that boost the liver function as well, But there’s something that is a truly miraculous mixture for detoxification of the liver: olive oil and lemon juice.
Detoxify your liver using olive oil and lemon juice

You just have to put a tablespoon of olive oil and combine it with the juice from ½ a lemon. Consume this every morning before breakfast for e period of one month. It will improve your digestion, eliminate the dark circles, make your skin shine, improve the look of your hair and provide you with all the energy you need for the day.
These two ingredients have excellent cleansing functions. The olive oil cleanses the vesicle channels and has a direct impact on your liver. On the other hand, lemon juice cleanses the blood vessels, reduces the cholesterol levels and offers an optimal vitamin C dose.

Consume this great liver cleanser to feel good but also stick to a healthy diet, drink water and have a regular physical activity,,,
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