11 Reasons Why Dehydration Is Making You Fat And Sick

any people wonder how much water do their bodies need? Actually, the daily water requirements vary by individual depending on the person’s lifestyle, physical activity, climate and eating habits. In order to determine how much water your body needs, you should pay attention to the signals it is sending,,,

Dehydration begins even before you start feeling thirsty and oddly enough, it is manifested by feelings of hunger as well. If you feel hungry, instead of snacking on some food take a glass of water and see what will happen. One if the easiest ways to deal with dehydration is to drink small mouthfuls of water throughout the day. People who have blood pressure issues should try drinking couple of glasses of water on an empty stomach in the mornings in order to keep their blood pressure optimal. Moreover, this is an excellent way to clean your organism and eliminate the toxins by frequent urination.

Our bodies have a water detection system which we call thirst. When your body loses 1 or 2% of its total water content you start feeling thirsty.
In order to assess your body requirements of water you should pay attention the colour of your urine. If it is darker than normal, then it suggests that your kidneys are retaining the fluid in order to keep the normal functions in the body. However, note that darker urine may be a result of supplement intake (for example multivitamins) as well.

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If your body is dehydrated than you will urinate less often. Dr. Mercola says that if you are healthy you will urinate between 7 and 8 times daily. So, make sure you drink enouh water to avoid these symptoms and provide your body with the necessary hydration,,,
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